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Nancy Kotinek Chic
Jun 17, 2021
In Casual Monday's/Friday's
Back in my day, we roller-skated. A lot. And this announcement was drummed into my head. And truly nothing sums up Casual Friday/Monday better than this. No Fast Skating. Or in our case, no fast riding or racing allowed at these sessions. For those that don't know me, I'm Nancy and I just love to ride my bike. Pretty much any bike. I used to race, but I hit 55 and decided the days of me suffering on my bike were over. Now, I just want to hang out with cool biker people, put on a race or two, and just ride. My buddy, Jeanette, will be at most of the Friday sessions too. We are super friendly and laid back and we LOVE to help people enjoy cycling. I asked Stuart if we could host these sessions because I think there are a lot of people like us that just want to ride and burn some calories so we can enjoy that grande margarita without too much guilt. But don't want to be "in the way", or "too slow", or too nrevous. These sessions are for the person that (maybe) just completed the New Rider Class and still isn't quite comfortable up on the wall. Or with that whole "no brakes" thing. Or maybe you took that new rider class wayyy before we lost the track to the flood or the pandemic and you want to get back but... damn, that was a long time ago. We got you. So come on out and do YOUR thing. You're not too comfortable yet, at all, up on the track? No worries, stay in the sprinters lane the whole time! Cool. We all were there. Trust me. We know. Or maybe you've come on a training day and those "real racers" are doing their thing and you kinda feel like you're just in the way. We got you. Or maybe, if you're like me, you love the safety of the track and just want to get to the blue line and go in circles, for an hour, on autopilot, and just relax. Yes! These sessions are your jam! Whatever the reason that has kept you off the track, we got you. Need a quick refresher? Coach Carl is providing me the highlights of the new rider class to review with you and, BOOM, you'll be good to go. To do your own thing. At your speed. You want to use this as a way to build your confidence and stamina so that you can feel better about going to those training sessions and dip your toe into track racing? Fantastic. We got you there too. Jeanette and I have raced this track and would love to answer any questions or concerns you might have. And, I might add, ALL the people that race at that track are extremely helpful and accommodating. It really is like a family at Alkek. One that we want you (and your family) to be a part of. Cost is $5 for the session. Plus, we have the rentals bikes to use for $5. Find out how you can ride for free by volunteering at the track! You must have a track-specific bike- no road bikes. Don't forget: bring your helmet and a water jug. It gets hot in the bowl, even under the lights at night. We can't wait to see you on the track! Mark your calendars: July 2 and 16 Aug 2 and 13 Sept 10 and 13 Oct 11 and 18 Nancy and Jeanette

Nancy Kotinek Chic

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